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About me

Peter Walfisz started martial arts at the age of 14, with Ai-Ki-Do. At university he tried a number of different ‘martial arts’. Towards the end of his first degree, Peter sustained a serious back injury that immobilised him for several months and left him in constant pain and with restricted movement. Western medicine suggested spinal surgery. Peter decided to look at other alternatives. Acupuncture proved helpful and Peter was recommended to take up Tai Chi. After some research, he discovered Michael Tse in 1994. Sifu Michael Tse recommended Peter study Qigong rather than Tai Chi, given his injury. Seven months later Peter started to study Wing Chun with Tse Sifu. Given his medical prognosis, this was astonishing.

Peter has constantly studied with Tse Sifu since 1994 and regularly attends his classes and seminars. He has also been lucky enough to attend several seminars, classes and events with Grand Master Ip Chun, Peter’s Sigong (Tse Sifu’s Wing Chun Sifu).

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Peter Walfisz is an authorised instructor of the Tse Qigong Centre